In our last blog, we highlighted the progress the CBA and its members are making towards big common goals for the area – namely, the airport expansion and CT scanner for our hospital.

When celebrating big wins, it’s important not to overlook the small wins that have happened in our community too. Sometimes they might be just as impactful but don’t necessarily make headlines.

Economic Development

It’s been a pleasure to welcome Economic Development Officer Casey McCormac to the team. Finding the funding to turn this part-time position into a full-time role was long overdue.

From promoting the town on the radio (you can listen to the CBC interview here) and showing potential businesses around the area, Casey is actively working to build relationships with current and future business owners.

One of her ideas was to survey the Moosomin business community about what it lacked, what we were doing right and where we could improve. The responses were insightful – you never know how to help if you don’t ask.

Over the last few months, we’ve welcomed several new businesses to the area. Anytime Fitness set up shop in Moosomin after learning about what the town could offer. The CBA helped the business owner find and secure land and worked with town council to help finalize the deal.

A win for the town, the local football team (the Moosomin Generals) who will train there and the health of our residents who now have another option for indoor fitness during the long winter months.

In addition, a new sports store – Moosomin Sports Excellence – recently opened its doors. With the increasing number of kids playing hockey, baseball and other sports, it was something our town was missing. As much as we can, we want people to #shopMoosomin and these new businesses are leading to a flourishing and thriving downtown.

Supporting the Arts

Through the economic development survey, we learned that artists in the town wanted to create a hub for artists of all ages to learn together and practice their craft. Led by Krista Crellin and a team of dedicated volunteers, the Moosomin Visual Arts Centre was created and, after a lengthy search, they found space in a historic church building.

We want to thank the countless volunteers and the amount of work that was put in to make this centre a reality.  Today, it is a bustling spot with painting, pottery and even pasta-making classes for all ages. The Town of Moosomin provides $50,000 a year for three years to the not-for-profit organization to help cover the cost of renting out the building.

Let’s not forget that it will continue to take the tireless efforts of volunteers to keep it going. What a success story for our town, local artists and those aspiring artists who learn and take classes here.

Local newspaper

And, a few final thoughts on the important role of local media.

The World Spectator, run by CBA member Kevin Weedmark, is one of the few media outlets that has increased its circulation in recent years (from 2,500 – 5,000) and launched two additional publications due to regional demand.

The 104-year-old newspaper operates with a community-first approach and Kevin lives and breathes that philosophy. As one of our biggest cheerleaders, a volunteer with the Chamber, the CBA and other organizations in our city, he and his staff keep Moosomin connected to the stories that matter most to them. Human stories, business stories and everything in between – the World Spectator is a lifeline for our community.

In addition, his editorials and articles are also being noticed by “the powers that be” in Regina and Saskatoon and have played a role in making things happen with the airport, CT scanner, various donations and other initiatives.

Success is often built on a foundation of consistent small wins. Let’s acknowledge these victories for what they represent – stepping stones towards our common goal to achieve bigger and better things for our region.