Expectant parents in Moosomin are advised to get their names on the local daycare waiting list. According to local officials, the waitlist is currently a year long.

Economic Development Officer Casey Cormack says a lack of child care is a pressing issue in Moosomin. It’s why the Town, the CBA and the Province have been working with Play Fair Daycare to open a second location to expand capacity.

In a growing town like Moosomin where job opportunities abound, a daycare facility is essential for parents who want to pursue their careers while ensuring their children are well cared for. Enabling parents to work contributes to increased productivity and economic growth in the community.

Without access to reliable childcare, parents may struggle to maintain employment, advance in their careers or expand their businesses.

At one town meeting recently, we heard from a paramedic who outlined that daycare issues are one of the biggest barriers to recruiting new EMTs. We also heard that some nurses who have taken maternity leave aren’t returning to work because they don’t have childcare.

It’s a clear example of how interconnected these issues are to the town’s economic development and growth potential.

Last fall, the provincial government agreed to provide $1M to create 90 new daycare spots in Moosomin. The money will also help offset the expenses of building a second daycare building. An estimated additional $2M needs to be fundraised by Play Fair and the community at large.

The new location of Play Fair Daycare will soon be built on land that has been provided by the Southeast Cornerstone School Division. It’s important to note the land, a prime piece of real estate worth about $250,000, was gifted to Playfair at no cost. This was a significant development and one that most in the town were thrilled about.

However, there are always growing pains when it comes to growth and development. Those who were concerned about the location next to the school have now accepted that this is a positive development for our town. The center needs to be located next to the school as many children attend before and after-school care.
Overcoming NIMBY (not in my backyard) syndrome requires community engagement, transparent planning processes, and effective communication about the benefits of proposed developments. This is something the Town, Play Fair and the CBA have been working hard to share with the community. Most don’t need convincing and realize the importance of safe, reliable childcare and peace of mind for parents.

In addition to government support and private fundraising, the recent Tim Horton’s Smile Campaign provided $45,000 towards funding the new daycare. WAY TO GO, Moosomin!
We also extend our gratitude to Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill and the Southeast Cornerstone School Division for helping to ease the daycare crunch in our community and providing a long-term solution.